#BIF2016 Insights and A-Ha's

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Thu, Sep 22, 2016

#Innochat is no stranger to the BIF Summit. There've been many pre-Summit, live-Summit, and post-Summit chats. This chat will be a post-Summit discussion of takeaways from BIF2016. This will be another free-form chat! 

At BIF2016, 500 people will gather together in a historic theater to hear 15-minute stories of transformation by 32 people from many different industries and sectors. The speakers tell the story of their creative process, their struggles, and where they're going in the future.

Innovation Insights from #CINONY

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Thu, Dec 10, 2015

For this chat we will discuss insights I'll share from the Chief Innovation Officer Summit. The event will be next Tuesday and Wednesday in New York, and features speakers from top companies, such as NASA, GE, Samsung, MetLife, and NBCuniversal. Some sepakers are CINOs and some are CEOs or strategy executives.

I'm hoping to find out more about:

What We Learned at #BIF9

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Thu, Sep 26, 2013

We had an excellent chat live from #BIF9 about Innovation Competencies, and this week we'll also connect with #BIF9 with the topic, "What We Learned from #BIF9." Those who attended the conference, watched the livestream, and/or participated in the Twitter conversation are welcome to share their learnings.

If you missed all of that, our very own Dr. John W. Lewis (@johnwlewis) went above and beyond the call of duty to create Tweet archives for the #BIF9 hashtag during the Sept. 18-19 event. You can access these (very large!) files via these links:

Analytics-Driven Innovation: Takeaways from MIT Innovations in Management Conference

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Thu, Dec 15, 2011


Sorry to be so slow in updating - I went on vacation the day after this conference. Timing could have been better for me, but the conference was terrific! Indeed, the big takeaway for innovation had to do with analytics:

Massive amounts of data available today allow for data-driven businesses rather than business that use data. What does that mean for innovation?

Two talks in particular underscored the great opportunities for innovation that lie in analytics.

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