Questions Drive Innovation

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Thu, Aug 18, 2016

I am back! as a moderator for the Aug. 18 chat. The topic is questions, specifically, how and why innovators are better off looking for questions than looking for answers.

This will be a spirited, free-form discussion, similar to last week's chat. All views are welcome. I clearly come down on the side of questions. I'd love to hear more thought on this view, and also hear the thoughts of people who favor a looking-for-answers approach.

Hybrid Thinking in Innovation

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Thu, Apr 30, 2015

I had the great good fortune to join the Philadelphia University Strategic Design MBA program as adjunct faculty last year. The program, under the direction of Dr. Natalie Nixon seeks to transform students into hybrid thinkers. With all the business rigor of a standard MBA, combined with a heavy duty design thinking overlay, it has been fascinating to see the work of the first students coming out of the program.

What is a hybrid thinker?

Integrating Design Thinking and Scientific Process

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Thu, Jan 16, 2014

I am delighted to announce that we have as our guest Hanna McPhee, a Brown University senior majoring in an independent concentration, Biologically Inspired Design. Hanna is writing a thesis about today's topic, Integrating Design Theory and the Scientific Process. Essentially, she is working to create a common language to integrate design thinking with science and engineering. (Now you see why I'm so delighted! Common language in creativity and innovation has been a recurring Innochat theme.)

Human Centered Design Through the Lens of Business Innovation Factory - Joint #innochat and #ideachat

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Thu, Jul 25, 2013

It's time for our bi-monthly joint chat between #innochat and #ideachat, with our fabulous guest moderator, Angela Dunn (@blogbrevity). Like many of us who participate in #innochat Angela has been a long-time fan and supporter of the work of the Business Innovation Factory (BIF).

'Disrupt' is a Verb!

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Thu, Jul 11, 2013

The idea of disruption in innovation has its roots in academia with the late-90s publication of The Innovator's Dilemma by Clayton Christensen, a Harvard Business School professor. The idea that well-managed companies adhering to the classic rules for management -- move in the direction of the highest margins -- could still be wiped off the business map by competition that rose up from nowhere was original with Christensen.

Innovation Stalls Without Collaboration

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Thu, Mar 07, 2013

This week our guest moderator is Sarah Miller Caldicott, a past moderator at #innochat, the great grandniece of Thomas Edison, and the author of numerous books on innovation, the most recent of which is “Midnight Lunch”.

Steve Jobs' Innovation Legacy

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Thu, Oct 20, 2011

There's really only one question to this:

How did Steve Jobs impact the way we innovate?

My answer is that his career offered examples that clarified a number of ideas about innovation that we knew already. I've read a fair number of tributes to him and articles about him lately, and these things are cited over and over:

Ambition: Jobs was ballsy; he wanted to create products that changed the world. He understood that dreaming big was the only way to get big results.

Multi-Level Games + Multi-Faceted Design Challenges

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Chat Date: 
Thu, Apr 07, 2011

Thanks for the opportunity to create a short framing presentation for another exciting #innochat!


Here it is ...


The framing presentation gives some background and context for the questions.


For easy reference, here are the 3 big questions (or question sets):

1. When does a challenging design game stop being fun? How do we maintain engagement [during the design game] and drive great co-design?

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