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Format: 2018-01-22

RT @CreativeSage: Leadership is an art and a science, to be sure. Also need those "soft skills" and emotional intelligence. #innochat

6 Jun 12:10 by darastieglitz (Dara Stieglitz)

yeah..fun! RT @JohnWLewis: @pamroes We did, didn't we?! #innochat

6 Jun 12:09 by pamroes (Pam Roes)

@correlationist and of course, change is risky-which makes it undesirable for most managers-tallest blade of grass and all that.. #innochat

6 Jun 12:09 by bpluskowski (Boris Pluskowski)

RT @bpluskowski @correlationist But to change it, have to have enough power to provide new path for "shit to get done" (tech term) #innochat

6 Jun 12:09 by Renee_Hopkins (Renee Hopkins)

RT @JohnWLewis: Ah ah hum! ;-) RT @JohnWLewis: Q7: What are the next steps? #innochat

6 Jun 12:09 by darastieglitz (Dara Stieglitz)

@correlationist But to change it you have to have enough power to provide a new path for "shit to get done" (technical term…:p ) #innochat

6 Jun 12:08 by bpluskowski (Boris Pluskowski)

@CreativeSage Send it to me -- I can add it. Thanks!! @JohnWLewis @drewcm #innochat

6 Jun 12:08 by Renee_Hopkins (Renee Hopkins)

.@JohnWLewis I saved a .PDF of transcript—hopefully it has all the pages. Need to ask @drewcm how to upload to innochat site. #innochat

6 Jun 12:07 by CreativeSage (Cathryn Hrudicka)

RT @ArnoldBeekes: RT @ScottPropp a7. Add a curation and architecting step to planning your teams and meetings #innochat

6 Jun 12:07 by pamroes (Pam Roes)

RT @4byoung: @CreativeSage Agreed. I tell people to build their network before they need it, even if a need is not on horizon #innochat

6 Jun 12:07 by darastieglitz (Dara Stieglitz)

RT @OBX_Harvey: Talent can overcome a disfunctional organization. A well run organization cannot overcome a lack of talent. #innochat

6 Jun 12:06 by darastieglitz (Dara Stieglitz)

RT @janechin: @JohnWLewis A7 Spend most time defining right questions to ensure teams get right answers. Prophecies self fulfill. #innochat

6 Jun 12:06 by pamroes (Pam Roes)

Great engagement in #innochat today. Thanks all.

6 Jun 12:06 by ChanninLiedtke (Channin Liedtke)

@pamroes We did, didn't we?! #innochat

6 Jun 12:05 by JohnWLewis (John W Lewis)

@correlationist always have opts-more/less of them depending on ur role in the org of course. U can conform, or you can change it #innochat

6 Jun 12:05 by bpluskowski (Boris Pluskowski)

RT @Renee_Hopkins: Next week's #innochat is somewhat related to this one. It's @drewcm on "How might we extend the reach/utility of our con…

6 Jun 12:05 by pamroes (Pam Roes)

RT @CreativeSage: Hiring the best #innovation project leader is most crucial, then let them find the best specialist team. #innochat

6 Jun 12:04 by pamroes (Pam Roes)

RT @ChanninLiedtke: @loismarketing We disagree. Imagine that Lois! :) In my experience catering comm maximizes chances of success. #innochat

6 Jun 12:04 by darastieglitz (Dara Stieglitz)

Thx all #innochat for mixing it up today.

6 Jun 12:04 by pamroes (Pam Roes)

@ArnoldBeekes A5: Generalists who participate in this chat and who are employees themselves #innochat

6 Jun 12:04 by darastieglitz (Dara Stieglitz)

Thanks #innochat.

6 Jun 12:04 by generalists (Creative Generalists)

@kiporama Any Brandidos using Tweetchat interested in our #innochat discussion about tools? #brandchat

5 Jun 11:04 by JohnWLewis (John W Lewis)
5 Jun 10:31 by alicarnold (Alicia Arnold)

RT @JimSpohrer: T-shaped professionals, nice video from SAP with a good sense of fun http://t.co/m3RujDBHw6 #innochat #generalists

5 Jun 10:11 by ArnoldBeekes (Arnold Beekes)

Wisconsin? Innovation? Go to this! @OBX_Harvey speaks on Brand Driven Innovation. Tuesday. http://t.co/pN2ywuWLzW Wish I could! #innochat

5 Jun 09:42 by JohnWLewis (John W Lewis)
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