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Framing Post for Nov. 4 Innochat

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Thu, Nov 04, 2010

Earlier this year, Drew Marshall posted a list of innovation conferences on  The next conference I'll be attending is the Innovation3: Crowdsourcing, Culture & Tools Summit, being held in Orlando Dec 8-10, 2010.  Looking at the agenda of that conference, some of the intriguing content focuses on creating online innovation communities, so I thought that might be an interesting one to explore in our innochat this week. 

Oct. 28: Innovating Around Sacred Cows

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Thu, Oct 28, 2010

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Last year I blogged about innovating around sacred cows and the importance of challenging our assumptions regularly to achieve truly breakthrough innovation.

Oct 21: Open chat & official debut of the new

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Thu, Oct 21, 2010

We'll be talking about the new site, what it does, what it can do and what you'd like to see from it.

Oct 14: Heath care innovation with Danielle Cass of Kaiser Permanente

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Thu, Oct 14, 2010

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This week's Innochat will be guest-moderated by Danielle Cass, National Public Relations and Media Communications Manager at Kaiser Permanente.

Help pls with Innovation approaches, techniques, processes

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Chat Date: 
Thu, Oct 07, 2010

[moved to the new 'discussions' forum area - Jason]

Oct 7: Innovation takeaways from #WBF10

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Chat Date: 
Thu, Oct 07, 2010

Topic to be moderated by Renee Hopkins.

Innochat Unconference NYC 02

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Chat Date: 
Mon, Oct 04, 2010

Amazing group of #innochat members together in person and via GoToMeeting and uStream talking about innovating innovation.

Follow on the uStream feed here and via #innochat on Twitter.

Sept 30 Innochat Topic: Cultural Leverage - Using symbols to make innovation significant

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Thu, Sep 30, 2010

One of the greater challenges facing organizations that willingly seek to improve their innovation performance is “where to start?” Product development managers, research directors, marketing and brand specialists all face the similar, daunting prospect of wrestling their organizations into adopting new patterns and behaviors.

Sept 23: Innovation Games

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Thu, Sep 23, 2010

Discussion about innovation games, what they are, how to use them and what they can help accomplish.

Sept 16 Innochat: Topic, Website Brainstorm!

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Chat Date: 
Thu, Sep 16, 2010

This Thursday, Sept 16, I'll moderate Innochat and we'll talk about topics you'd like to see, and what the Innochat community might want from, currently under construction.

For the record, here are the upcoming topics:

Sept 16:  Renee Hopkins moderates; topic: Housekeeping -- what people want to see on, and topic brainstorm

Sept 23:  Guest moderator; topic, Innovation Games

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