Open Innovation and the Gollum Effect

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Thu, Jul 15, 2010

I recently came across a tweet from @innovate, where the Open Innovation vs. IP issue was raised again. The tweet referenced a blog post —— where the author, John Steen, talks about open innovation, intellectual property, and the 'Gollum Effect'.  The metaphor struck me, as I've been in rooms of many 'Gollums', ostensibly interested in open innovation strategies.  But, after scratching that nut a bit—well—the smell was certainly not reminiscent of a rose garden.

Have you had experiences of IP issues squelching a budding open inno initiative?
How have you circumvented Gollum's mindset?
Can these often opposing forces be reconciled?
What are your strategies for success in this situation?

I certainly have not developed a satisfying strategy for consistently breaking through the IP vs. OI conundrum.  The only overriding factor that succeeds 100% of the time, in my experience, is total trust on the part of everyone involved.  This kind of mutual trust is normally built through years/decades of working together and establishing one's self as trustworthy.

While longtime associates certainly do have an advantage in easily forming OI partnerships,   quite often opportunities present themselves involving parties unfamiliar with each other who have independently developed synergistic technologies, business models, distribution channels, or market segments.  How can these parties fully embrace an OI opportunity without succumbing to Gollum?

I tweeted about this topic recently, suggesting we could get into this [once again] on #innochat

@Renee_Hopkins suggested this as a possible topic for this week Thursday, the 15th.

I would certainly be interested in this discussion.

(posted on behalf of Bob De Jonge)

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