Sept 2 Innochat: Crowdsourced crowdsourcing

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Chat Date: 
Thu, Sep 02, 2010

The idea of crowdsourcing is now 5 years old, and it's no longer a new idea. I'm working on a chapter on crowdsourcing for a book on innovation, and I'd like to do a little crowdsourcing on the topic of crowdsourcing as a innovation practice. So let's discuss it!

Questions on my mind:

  • What crowdsourcing successes have you experienced or heard of?
  • What crowdsourcing failures have you experienced or heard of?
  • Are there any large companies you've heard of succeeding at implementing crowdsourcing into their innovation programs, or is it all just start-ups and social media companies?
  • What are the long-term implications for crowdsourcing in innovation?


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