Sept 16 Innochat: Topic, Website Brainstorm!

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Chat Date: 
Thu, Sep 16, 2010

This Thursday, Sept 16, I'll moderate Innochat and we'll talk about topics you'd like to see, and what the Innochat community might want from, currently under construction.

For the record, here are the upcoming topics:

Sept 16:  Renee Hopkins moderates; topic: Housekeeping -- what people want to see on, and topic brainstorm

Sept 23:  Guest moderator; topic, Innovation Games

Sept 30: Andrew Marshall moderates; topic: either on a topic of his choice, or on his recent blog post "Cultural Leverage: A Path to Innovation Performance"

Oct 7:  Renee Hopkins moderates on World Business Forum wrap-up (may need a back-up if I can't find a place in NYC to do it!)

Oct. 14:  Gwen Ishmael and guests moderate; topic, HealthCamp Unconference/Health Innovation Week wrap-up

Oct: 21: Open!

Oct. 28:  Gwen Ishmael moderates

Nov. 4: Andrea Meyer moderates on topic of her choice!

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