Sept 30 Innochat Topic: Cultural Leverage - Using symbols to make innovation significant

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Thu, Sep 30, 2010

One of the greater challenges facing organizations that willingly seek to improve their innovation performance is “where to start?” Product development managers, research directors, marketing and brand specialists all face the similar, daunting prospect of wrestling their organizations into adopting new patterns and behaviors. For anyone who has been involved in change management, undertaking this kind of program is considered long and hard, because the duration of these efforts is counted not in days, weeks, or months, but in years...Our organizations are full of signs that tell us their state; signaling their preparedness to embrace innovation. How well do we read the signs?

See the longer post here.

Some questions for us to consider:

  1. What are an organization's symbols of innovation?
  2. What symbols tell us that an organization is well-prepared to innovate?
  3. If something is missing, how might we go about closing the gap, or filling the need, in order to help an organization more successfully innovate?
  4. What surprising symbols of innovation have you observed?


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