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Thu, Nov 03, 2011

Framing post by @johncass

In the July 21st #innochat, chat leader, Sharon Corsaro asked the question, "What Do Nations Need, to Lead Innovation?"

Sharon's question and the subsequent chat discussion inspired me to think about the application process for Patent offices here in the United States and around the world and I wrote a blog post, "Searching for world patent offices with #innochat".
As a result of that blog post I was asked to host an #innochat session on the topic of what's the timeframe for issuing patents once a patent has been registered by Patent Offices around the world? To that purpose the question we will discuss is:

How does the US Patent office period of time for application, compare to other Patent offices around the world?

During the #innochat November 3rd event we will discuss how patent offices around the world operate.

Our planned guest, Robert L.Stoll, Commissioner for Patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (since 0ctober 2009), was unable to join us due to a schedule conflict. And then we were going to have have Deputy Commissioner Peggy Focarino join us, but she has been pulled into an urgent meeting at that time. In her place, with some additional schedule juggling, we have the superior good fortune to have Jim Dwyer, the Assistant Deputy Commissioner for Patent Operations overseeing the operations of the Technology Center, joining us.

Jim Dwyer has been with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for over 33 years. He has served as a Patent Examiner, Supervisory Patent Examiner, Quality Assurance Specialist and Group Director in a variety of electrical technologies. His current position is the Assistant Deputy Commissioner for Patent Operations overseeing the operations of Technology Center 2600 (Telecomm) and Technology Center 2800 (Circuits, Semiconductors and Physics). For many years, Jim has been instrumental in the USPTO’s Patent Examiner recruitment and training programs; and is currently managing the Office’s Patent Process Reengineering initiative. He has a BSEE from the University of Maryland.

We still need to conduct some prior preparation before the November 3rd session so that we have numbers to compare! I thought it might be great to ask members of #innochat to do some prep work for the session.

#innochat members will each take a country from the G20 listof countries, or you could pick another country outside of the G20, for theirpreparation work, and answer the question above in a blog post, tweet, or Google+ update. The October 20th session would feature a discussion around people's blog posts and the work everyone completed beforehand.
I'd like to compile a list of timelines for each country in this post and our discussion will center how each Patent Office operates and how each office might improve their time to review and announce decisions on submitted patents.

My aim is to encourage wider participation from around the #innochat universe from different countries, and all of us to learn from one another by members giving insights on the Patent Offices around the World. I look forward to your lively input and discussion and hope to hear more new voices.
Step 1: Sign upto review a country's Patent Office from the Google Doc link here.

Step 2: If you'd prefer to review another country outside of the G20, let me know (send me a DM) and we will add the country to the list.

Step 3: Contact the country Patent Office (or review their website) and ask the Office what is the length of time between someone registering a Patent and the Office issuing the Patent?
Step 4: Add this number (in months) to the Google Docs spreadsheet and we will add it to this post. Or, you might also create a separate post on your own blog. If you do that send a link to me and I will link back to your post.

Step 5: Look at the rest of the questions for the chat session (below) and consider answers either for the day of the event, or include them in your blog post.

Step 6: Attend the November 3rd chat session and bring your ideas, thoughts and opinions on the topic!

G20 List Of Countries
South Africa, Canada, Mexico, United States, Argentina, Brazil, South Korea, China, Japan, India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Turkey, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Australia (8-16 months)

Key Discussion Points
For this week's discussion, we ask the question: How does the US Patent office period of time for application, compare to other Patent offices around the world?

  1. What's the process for patent application incountry X? Give numbers on how the time it takes to hear back?
  2. What's unique or interesting about Country X's patent office application process?
  3. How is the application time affecting the innovation process?
  4. How can Patent Offices improve their timeline for patent notification?

Please join the conversation to add your voice: Thursday, November 3rd, 2011, Noon Eastern US Time. Follow the #innochat search stream on; OR, head over to Tweet Chat and sign-in with your Twitter account to participate.

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