Innovation in Life: #DSCC2011 Conference Wrap-Up

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Thu, Nov 10, 2011


You can see all the posts, including many video interviews, from the DSCC conference here: 

The bottom line of what I learned is that Dassault Systemes has developed some very exciting technologies that can be used for innovation. Many of these are virtual creation environments, including 3D simulation. These were originally developed for engineers in industry, and now DS is focused on facilitating the spread of these technologies to other kinds of industries and uses, including making some available via web-based interfaces that can be used even by individuals and small businesses. 

Another theme of the conference was social: DS technologies are meant for collaboration among a variety of groups -- partners, suppliers, customers, the crowd. And "social" in another way, too -- every DS speaker seemed laudably focused on finding ways to use DS technologies to help with world social problems and help grow economies in the developing world with much less waste. Creating new products in virtual iterations leaves no waste, since the only physical manifestation is the end result and none of the "drafts.

The possibilities are pretty amazing: simulations for towing icebergs across the planet, creating a virtual simulatin of the pyramids at Giza, creating a virutal learning environment used to teach CPR to an entire country.


Original post:

I've recently started working on a new group blog,, along with @DrewCM, @JillBrainLogic, @AndreaMeyer, @DanKeldsen, @DScofield, @fgossieaux and @ElitheChef. The blog is meant to start a conversation about collaborative innovation that will fuel discussions at DSCC 2011, the annual customer conference held by Dassault Systemes (which is also sponsoring the blog).

The theme of this year's conference is "Innovation in Life," and almost all of us who are writing on the blog will be there writing and tweeting about it live. And as we often do after innovation conferences, we're going to devote the Nov. 10 #innochat to a discussion of the innovation lessons we learned at DSCC 2011. 

Follow the blog and the #DSCC2011 hashtag on Twitter as we ramp up to the Nov. 8-9 conference, and we'll share what we learned on Nov. 10 in #innochat.

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