The Sales Organization's Role in Innovation

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Thu, Aug 16, 2012

This week Pam Roes is moderating our chat. Pam is a neighbor of mine and we have had the good fortune to meet in real life at Small World Coffee in Princeton, New Jersey. (Great coffee, by the way.) Pam is deeply interested in the impact of Sales Organizations on the innovation process, hence this week's chat topic.  Take it away, Pam...

Tapping the mindshare of the Sales Organization and defining its’ role throughout the Innovation Life Cycle is a  powerful opportunity.  Sales has an intimate knowledge of customers, markets, and strategies for positioning new products/services.  Both external and internal sales teams have the customer conversations and relationships to uncover dissatisfaction and needs.  Sales is first to face the challenges of competitive innovations in the market.  They also collaborate and can teach non-customer facing talent how to sell ideas internally and externally.  With their insights and skills, how do they influence culture and will they take a lead role in Innovation?

This week #Innochat will take a closer look at the Sales Organization’s role, value, and best practices for engagement in the innovation process and execution strategy.

The blogs links below are examples of how Sales can contribute and benefit  innovation:

As an aside, here is a blog on trends facing the Sales Organization.  Clearly,  Sales is going through significant shifts and  in need of an Innovative Business Model.

Below are the questions that will guide Thursday’s chat: 

  1. How might a customer centric & market focused sales organization lead innovation?
  2. How do current business models & sales compensation impede innovation?
  3. What advantages are there in offering customers incremental innovations in advance of breakthrough innovation?
  4. How might an organization better use real-time Sales business intelligence (BI) to drive innovation?

Looking forward to our conversation Thursday at 12PM EDT (USA) at #innochat.


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