Agent of Serendipity - Finding Serendipity in Networks!

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Thu, Feb 07, 2013

This week we're beginning a new program of regular (bi-monthly) joint chats between the good folks at #ideachat, hosted by the delightful and charming @Blogbrevity" href="" target="_blank">Angela Dunn, and our very own innocats. Angela has managed to snag Valdis Krebs, the social network analysis superstar, to come and visit with us and launch us into an exploration of networks and serendipity. Below is the beginning of Angela's framing post with a link to the ideachat site for the full post at the bottom. Take it away Angela...

I love to bring people together across many disciplines for #ideachat, a monthly Twitter Chat related to ideas, creativity and innovation. In my work on the social web, I also curate ideas and people across many different interests--to foster serendipity.

Recently, Drew Marshall, a co-host of #innochat and I, were planning a bi-monthly chat to join our two Twitter Chat communities, #ideachat and #innochat--for greater serendipity. At this time, I happened to get a DM from Valdis Krebs proposing a topic on Serendipity for #ideachat. Of course, I changed the first topic for our joint chat on February 7th to this serendipitous request!
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