#BIF9 Live #Innochat on Innovation Competencies - What Do You Need to Know & Do to Innovate?

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Thu, Sep 19, 2013

The Sept. 19 edition of #innochat will be held LIVE at the Trinity Repertory Theater in Providence from 12-1 pm EDT US. #BIF9 participants are welcome to attend, while a video livestream plus the usual Twitter chat will be available online.

The topic: Innovation Competencies - What Do You Need to Know & Do to Innovate? 

First, let's discuss competencies. A current innovation in education is to to allow students to progress based on demonstrations that he or she has mastered a set of specific competencies, rather than that he or she has simply passed the appropriate amount of classroom hours, tests, and assignments along with a cohort determined by age (as in elementary school) or semester hours (as in college).

The Business Innovation Factory has, in fact, been at the forefront of this wave of educational innovation through their Student Experience Lab project with Southern New Hampshire University, whose president, Paul LeBlanc, is a BIF9 storyteller. I urge you to click through those past two links and read more about the concept of competency-based education and SNHU's online "College for America" program, the successful outcome of their Student Experience Lab project with BIF.

The idea of a competency-based approach to innovation is not common, but is also not completely new:


In this chat, then, we want to explore the idea of competencies in innovation, how someone could be taught these competencies, and how they could demonstrate that they've mastered them. As the title says, "what do you need to know & do to innovate"?

Here are the questions:

  1. Let's all get on the same page as far as what we mean by "to innovate," for the purposes of this discussion.
  2. What knowledge does one need to know in order to innovate, and why?
  3. What skills does one need in order to innovate, and why?
  4. How might someone demonstrate their competency with that knowledge and those skills?


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