The Year That Was 2014 In Innovation

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Thu, Jan 01, 2015

Happy New Year! Wishing all the innocats a wonderful, fulfilling, prosperous, happy, healthy and innovative 2015.

In keeping with our long-standing, one-year tradition of marking the end of the year with a review, of sorts, we will be doing the same today. I'm expecting turn-out to be fairly light (it being a recovery day for some) but I think it is good to put a cap on the year with whoever is able to show.

Here's some of what we covered in 2014:

"Data-based Decisions to Action-learning" and 

@JohnWLewis's series on "Adoptions of Innovations"

"Sustaining", "Selling", "Scaling" and "Promoting" Innovation across various chats

The struggles with different aspects in innovation as a practice: forming insights, use of research and data, and the places of risk and failure.

We wrestled with teaching innovation, collaborating in innovation, and figuring out where innovation fits in the enterprise.

There were semi-regular games of "Disruptus" to get our creative juices activated.

Explored the roles in innovation practices, like CINO's (Chief Innovation Officers), R&D specialists, and sponsors.

A live event from BIF10 in Providence, Rhode Island.

We had guests such as: Cristene Gonzalez-Wertz @hermione1, a whole gang of representatives from the US Department of Commerce, Kevin McFarthing @InnovationFixer, Jenny Neill @jennyneill, Haydn Shaughnessy @haydn1701, Hutch Carpenter @bhc3, and more.

And to make it all happen the stalwart support of all of you and especially @JohnWLewis who has stepped to the fore to keep it all happening when client commitments meant @Renee_Hopkins or I were not able to be present. Many thanks to you, John, for you great volunteerism this year.

So, with so much happening across a year of Innochat, let's reflect on that and our own experiences, shall we?

Some questions to consider today:

  1. What were some Innochat highlights for you this year? And why were they of note?
  2. What were some stories or ideas outside of Innochat that drew your attention?
  3. What did you learn about innovation this year that you hadn't previously considered?
  4. How did innovation impact your life over the course of the year?
  5. What innovation topics would you like to focus on in 2015?


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