Innovation and our understanding of emotional issues

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Chat Date: 
Thu, Mar 17, 2016

There is extremely wide variation in our understanding of the important relationships between innovation and some major issues, such as: risk and fear (of failure, of missing out, etc.). Many of these issues are emotional and this inhibts our ability to understand them rationally.

For example, we often hear the view that innovation involves increased risk and that we need to get comfortable with that. However, people who have more experience of innovation tend to express the opposite view.

We often hear that innovation requires acceptance of frequent failure. This may make sense based on one view of failure, but there are other views.

Two weeks ago, we held a free wheeling #innochat discussion which many innocats reported that they enjoyed. On that occasion, we discussed the relevance of conceptual models of innovation and patterns of innovative behaviour.

Discussion topic

During #innochat on Twitter at 12pm Eastern time on Thursday March 17th, let's have a free ranging discussion about some of these, potentially emotional, issues and how we might understand their relationship with innovation more rationally.

We might discuss:

  • risk
  • failure, from multiple perspectives
  • bias, see Adam Hansen's post this week on this and a variety of other issues including: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity)
  • and any other issues to which you think that our emotional response plays an important role in our understanding of innovation.


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