Innovation and/or Invention?

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Thu, May 26, 2016

Decades ago, most people thought of new things as being invented by mad scientists for other people to use.

Now, there is more emphasis on innovation, involving the adoption of new things by anyone.

Yet, when people meet to discuss ideas, to scribble on Post-It notes, and to develop new proposals, they are doing some of both: invention and adoption.


How do you see the development of our thinking on this aspect of innovation?

How does invention relate to innovation?

Are there differences in directionality between the push of invention and the pull of adoption?

Does innovation encompass both invention and adoption or are they separate?

Is "user innovation" fundamentally different from invention?


Let's discuss the relationships and distinctions between innovation and invention during #innochat at noon Eastern time on May 26, 2016 in a freewheeling chat (without questions to be answered).

Thank you to Kevin Dulle (@ideafreak) for suggesting this topic and providing these references.


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