Defining your innovation perspective

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Chat Date: 
Thu, Jun 02, 2016

On #innochat, from time to time, we’ve discussed how an organization can group innovation opportunities into different categories. We’ve also discussed how an innovation progresses through multiple categories of adopters, as it diffuses through a population. But have we linked these two perspectives together?

Recently, in developing a short talk offering introductory advice for businesses, I described a linkage between these two areas that seems to be useful. Although not usually choosing topics specific to my activities, on this occasion I'd like to ask innocats about this topic to either verify or debunk my approach.

How often have you heard people say that they are an early adopter, without referring to any particular field of innovation? To my mind, this makes no sense. So this topic is based on the view that we all have different attitudes to innovation in different fields.


Let’s discuss this topic during innochat on Thursday June 2 for an hour or so, starting at 12 noon Eastern time, based on the following questions:

  1. What criteria are available to organizations to categorise innovation opportunities?
  2. On which category/ies of innovation opportunity it is most effective for an organization to focus attention and effort?
  3. How should an organization handle opportunities in other, less effective, categories?
  4. By what criteria can an organization evaluate the most effective category/ies of innovation opportunity?
  5. When is it most effective to adopt available innovations?



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