Challenges for established businesses

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Thu, Jun 09, 2016

This week's guest and frequent innocat, Jorge Barba (@jorgebarba), has described ten common innovation challenges encountered by established businesses. Let's discuss these and the perspectives from which they are faced.

Jorge's post, Solving the Ten Most Common Innovation Challenges, describes a set of challenges and proposes an approach to solving each one.

The eagle-eyed among you might have noticed that he crowdsourced some of the content for this blog post through Twitter conversations arising from this tweet:

What are the most common #innovation challenges for established businesses? cc @JohnWLewis @marksstorm @AnjaHoffmann @timkastelle

— Jorge Barba (@jorgebarba) May 31, 2016

Jorge's ten identified challenges are titled:

  1. Prove it
  2. Underestimating what it takes
  3. Coming to consensus
  4. Who’s responsible for innovation
  5. Reframing beliefs
  6. Getting metrics right, especially for radical innovations
  7. Not invented here
  8. Cheap ideas
  9. Silo Mentality
  10. No time for play

All of these, and any others that you would like to introduce, are, of course, open for discussion. However, rather than starting with each detailed challenge, let's base our chat on a number of larger scale perspectives from which these challenges are faced.


During #innochat on June 9 from 12 to 1pm Eastern time, let's share our experience and opinions of the innovation challenges faced by established businesses based on those identified by Jorge and triggered by the following questions:

  1. Which innovation challenges are primarily faced by leaders of established businesses?
  2. How do the staff of established businesses encountered these innovation challenges?
  3. In what respects are these challenges influenced by the culture of established businesses?
  4. Which processes of established businesses affect the nature of these innovation challenges?
  5. How does operational execution in established businesses address these innovation challenges?



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