Is Data Sharing A Barrier To Innovation?

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Thu, Jun 30, 2016

A cure for cancer does not exist, because cancer is not a disease. (It is a category of disesase involving uncontrolled growth of cells.) But there may be a cure for a major barrier to making progress in finding cures for these diseases.

That barrier is often referred to as "data sharing". And that barrier might also exist in other fields of innovation.

Let's discuss data sharing as a barrier to innovation in a free wheeling #innochat (without formal questions) on June 30 at noon Eastern time.


The Cancer Moonshot led by US Vice President Joe Biden has, on several occasions, clearly identified difficulties in sharing data as a major barrier to this effort.

For example, the issue was raised by the majority of the panel on the subject at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2016.

Also yesterday, June 28, at the Cancer Moonshot summit event at Howard University University, Washington, the topic was raised again in terms of delays in the publishing of available data and of inability of many healthcare informations systems to communicate with each other.


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