Questions Drive Innovation

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Thu, Aug 18, 2016

I am back! as a moderator for the Aug. 18 chat. The topic is questions, specifically, how and why innovators are better off looking for questions than looking for answers.

This will be a spirited, free-form discussion, similar to last week's chat. All views are welcome. I clearly come down on the side of questions. I'd love to hear more thought on this view, and also hear the thoughts of people who favor a looking-for-answers approach.

Another helpful approach would be to talk about both - when does question-seeking work better, and when does answer-seeking work better?

No specific questions. I've written more on the topic here: 

7 Ways Questions Drive Innovation 

and I'll copy the reasons below. 

How Questions Drive Innovation

  1. Questions shift your lens and open your mind.
  2. Questions move you forward. They create story and build narrative.
  3. Questions guide you to the best problems, the ones you need to solve in order to make true transformation happen.
  4. Questioning your assumptions keeps you going in the right direction.
  5. Questions drive experimentation. ‘Fast failure,’ ‘reward failure,’ ‘learn from failure’ — the entire success/failure mindset is a failure. Instead, ask questions. Experiment. Iterate.
  6. Questions create story. They move. They build narrative. And as we all know, we learn best from story.
  7. Questions help you envision the future and the paths that could lead to that future.


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