Innovation communication

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Thu, Oct 13, 2016

In any organisation which innovates effectively, decisions are being made about the focus of attention and the allocation of resources in pursuit of innovative developments. This involves information being communicated effectively.

What aspects of communication are important to innovation within an organization?


Everyone involved in innovation needs to know the role of innovation in their organization at a strategic level. Also, it is important to communicate information about opportunities, criteria for consideration and selection of innovations, and about the market including customer wants/needs/desires and competitive products?

We have previously discussion communication mainly from an external perspective on Communivaiton of Innovations. Now let's discuss internal communication.

Who communicates what, by what channels, using what messages, and when?


Let's discuss this topic during #innochat on October 13th on Twitter in a free-ranging discussion (without prepared questions) on communication about innovations, especially internally within organizations, and its importance to the ability of organizations to innovate well.

Next week

This is also provide a useful background to a discussion next week (on October 20th) on the role of innovation platforms to support projects and programs, based on Brightidea's Synthesize conference which starts today (October 13th) at about the same time of this #innochat and can be watched as a livestream and/or as a recording to made available after the event.


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