Innovation industrialisation

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Thu, Oct 27, 2016

After last week's #innochat, Mike Baldwin @mikey3982 got "wound up" and expressed his concerns that innovation platforms  which could douse the bright sparks which are necessary for innovation. Let's discuss this and other views of this issue during this week's #innochat.

In this video, Mike expressed his concerns about innovation platforms might be a form of industrialisation on innvoation. Also, Ken Gordon initiated further discussion by posting here on the innochat facebook group. Mike gave the example of innovative cooks who don't follow recipes, and the need for random interactions, including with other people, for innovation to happen.
He also referred to the contribution of architecture both of physical and digital spaces.

It seems to me that one possible consequence of introducing new facilities and processes is that it leads to the standardisation of techniques and behaviour (although there are other consequences). This can have two kinds of effect:

  • One is to reduce the opportunity for flexbility and creativity. This is the effect that Mike appears to be concerned about.
  • The other is that it provides additional capability and reduces the burden of dealing with those aspects, freeing people up to think and operate more flexibly in other areas.

The analogy with cooking is an interesting one. On one hand, adherence to recipes with specified sequences, quantities, and timing, although helpful for producing reliable results, can be seen as restrictive for adventurous cooks. On the other hand, the availability of running water, easily controllable stoves, and sharp knives allow cooks of all kinds to do more adventurous, not less.

Let's discuss these issues during #innochat on Twitter on October 27th starting at 12noon Eastern Daylight Time for an hour.


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