Innovation pursues failure, or success?

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Chat Date: 
Thu, Dec 01, 2016

There is much talk about innovation and the need to accept failure. We are exhorted to fail more, to fail faster, even to fail harder! What are we to make of it?!

Clearly, many of the opportunities for innovation that are explored are not going to work out. But is that the same as failing? Also, the attitude to failure is likely to vary substantially between categories of adopters of an innovation.


Let's discuss the attitude to failure in the context of innovation during #innochat for an hour on Twitter on Thursday December 1st starting at 12 noon Eastern time, based on the following questions:

  1. Why is failure considered by many people to be important to innovation?
  2. What do we consider to be a failure and why?
  3. What lies between success and failure, or are these the only possible outcomes?
  4. Are some cultures more averse to failure than others and what can be done about that?
  5. How differently would innovation be viewed if it were not associated with failure?



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