Why chat about innovation?

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Thu, Jan 26, 2017

In my opinion, the field of innovation is currently among the most important areas of behaviour by people, as individuals and in organizations (of a wide range of types). So there are important things to discuss in this field. 

But when we discuss innovation, what are we doing? What are we chatting about?
What do you want #innochat to be?

Are we building on previous knowledge and understanding? Or are we pulling up the plant and inspecting its roots over and over again. Sometimes, it feels as if the subject of innovation is being treated differently by everyone, and each person is coming to it afresh each time, unencumbered by any previous understanding gleaned from previous discussions. Maybe I'm doing this too. But, if so, then it's not clear that we are moving forward.

There are plenty of aspects of innovation to chat about, but I'm running dry. That's not to say that I and others haven't identified a variety of possible topics and several possible guests who are involved with innovation in a variety of interesting subject areas. We have.
But what are we really talking about when discussing those subjects. Why are we chatting?!

I have tried to establish some basis for understanding the fundamentals of the subjects, including, from time to time running series of chats on some of the fundamentals covered in major books by well-known researchers and writers in the field, such as Everett Rogers and Peter Drucker. However, I'm not sure that this is resonating with anyone. Maybe we don't need to agree on some fundamentals. Maybe we like to start afresh, from the ground up, each time. But surely we can develop some platform of understanding of the fundamentals, on which we can develop more detailed understanding of the applicability of those fundamentals in specific fields.

There are opportunities to develop clearer, deeper, and more generic understanding of innovation and of its role in a variety of fields, by transferring our understanding from one field to another. But are we doing that?

Let's discuss our discussion of innovation.


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