Are we cresting a digital peak?

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Thu, Mar 23, 2017

Innovations based on digital technology are becoming increasingly prevalent. But much of it is highly questionable. Is digital innovation arriving at the peak of inflated expectations? Some of the current discussion of the so-called "Internet of Things" would seem to indicate that. If so, the trough of disillusionment lies ahead.

For examples, let's look at articles about the "Internet of Things", oft labelled "IoT".
One of the many quotes in this article, Industrial internet of things: too many loopholes for cyber criminals is:

“It’s surprising how lax some very big manufacturers are about their products. People aren’t even thinking about existing threats.”

and another is:

“When you put operational technology into the cloud or connect in any way to the internet you have a problem. You have to do a proper threat assessment. Does it give you benefit, are you aware of all the risks?”

Then there are other articles like this, How Can We Secure The Future Of IoT Security? which provides such an anodyne list of characteristics for "your IoT security professional" that one has to wonder whether it is to be taken seriously.

How hopeful should we be?!


Let's discuss what lies ahead for digital innovation during #innochat on Thursday March 23rd at our regular time of noon Eastern time, based on the following questions:

  1. Which advantages that digital innovation brings do we actually need?
  2. What risks are we running by connecting everything to the Internet?
  3. How do we select areas in which innovations are worth applying?
  4. What lies ahead for digital innovations?
  5. What courses of action are available to people faced with premature deployment of innovations?



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