When is innovation not fun?

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Thu, Apr 13, 2017

There are many possible answers. Perhaps, when it goes wrong?

Or, perhaps, when it’s serious? But, even then, it still can be fun as we've discussed in the past: “The Serious Fun of innovation”

Recently, when discussing how to encourage innovation,  it was pointed out to me that one of the challenges in promoting “innovation” is that it’s like promoting “fun”! Why would anyone not want it... but where is the value in it?

This does appear to be a substantial problem for innovation as it is currently perceived by many people. I heard this from an organization which set up a special group to seek innovative opportunities. It turned out that one of the primary benefits was that, when recruiting employees, it was seen as a fun place to work.

But innovation is also very serious, especially for organizations. Many organizations have suffered from poorly directed or mismanaged innovation, including from too much or too little innovation.

During #innochat on Thursday April 13th at noon Eastern time (1600 UTC), and at risk of spoiling your day, or week… let’s discuss when innovation is not fun at all!


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