Electronic voting - why not.

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Thu, Jun 08, 2017

Why not vote over the Internet? As digital facilities are available for increasing numbers of purposes, why not vote electronically in elections? Or is voting on area that requires special consideration.

This is topical today, as there is a General Election in the UK (for Members of Parliament (MPs), and, therefore, for a government).

Catching the topicality of this issue, the BBC asked, in a recent article: "Has the time now come for internet voting?" This offers a generally favourable view of this suggestion and refers to the experievence of the country furthest forward in the use of electronic voting, Estonia.

But there have also been major criticisms of the Estonian system, such as this "Independent Report on E-voting in Estonia", including this summary of that report.

Other views include this Guardian article from 2014 about the use of Estonian voting system in European elections: "Estonian e-voting shouldn't be used in European elections, say security experts"  

For more on electronic voting, see Wikipedia's overview of electronic voting

Let's discuss this topic in an open #innochat discussion on 8th June 2017 on Twitter starting at 12 noon Eastern time.


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