Organization for Innovation

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Thu, Jul 06, 2017

If innovation is so important, how do we organize ourselves to enable innovation to happen effectively?

This choice of topic was triggered by an article on this issue recommended by Derek Myers, @bpmfocus"Leading to Become Obsolete, which describes an organization which consists of a platform which provides services, and business which uses those services. It focusses on the "horizontal" value streams, and avoids "vertical" functional silos.

If you have seen this kind of organization before, it might remind you somewhat of Ricardo Semler of Semco Partners, who has written about this and presented on it at TED .

This is also similar in many respects to the approach of W L Gore & Associates as they describe here.

In a sense, this is a "meta-innovation", as it's a fundamental innovation in organizational models which facilitates innovation.


Let's discuss the subject of organizational innovation during #innochat on Thursday July 6th on Twitter starting at 12 noon Eastern time.

There is not need to prepared questions, but we can consider issues such as:

  • What's different
  • What's better
  • What's worse
  • What's easier
  • What's more difficult
  • Who thrives on this.
  • Who struggles with this.


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