Organizational Innovation in 2017

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Thu, Aug 17, 2017

Let's revisit one of the major areas of activity generated by the current interest in the field of innovation. It is commonly known as "innovation management", but it is more general than simply management, so let's refer to it as "organizational innovation". We'll discuss its importance and a variety of issues involved in its effectiveness.

In recent years, organizations of many types have shown an increased an interest in innovation. This interest has been generated by a variety of factors, not least the observed success of other organizations which are more innovative.

Organizations have established programs and projects managed by Chief Innovation Officers, Innovation Program Managers, and Innovation Project Managers.

Staff are offered opportunities to contribute to projects involving activities ranging from brainstorming to ethonographic studies. Also, they have been given rewards when their contributions are used whether it's dinner with the President of the organization or the use of a Tesla car for month!

Organizational innovation involves people not only internally, but also externally in collaboration with customers, suppliers, and partners in other roles. This requires a substantial amount of activity, much of which is of a different type from the main type of activity in an organization.


During #innochat on 17th August 2017, for an hour starting at 12 noon Eastern time, let's discuss a range of issues involved in "organizational innovation" today, based on the following questions:

  1. Why is innovation important to an organization?
  2. How does innovation contribute to the purpose of an organization?
  3. What effect does organizational innovation have on job satisfaction?
  4. How does innovation affect the brand/image of an organization?
  5. How can innovation attract recruits to join an orgranization?
  6. What does it mean to organize innovation?
  7. How should innovation be organized?
  8. What knowledge is needed to organize innovation?
  9. What processes are required to organize innovation?
  10. What is the future for "organizational innovation"?


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