What do you need for innovation?

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Chat Date: 
Thu, Aug 31, 2017

Are you involved in innovation in your organization? If so, what skills, knowledge, and understanding do you need for that?

In many organizations, involvement in innovative developments is becoming more expected. Let's discuss the skills, knowledge and understanding which people require, or are expected to have, so that they can operate in the innovation field.

This topic originated as a suggestion by @seempli to discuss the skills required for innovation, and I've expanded it to include knowledge and understanding.

Your involvement in innovation might be as a contributor to, or operator on, innovative projects. You might have a role with a grand title such as Innovation Project Manager, Innovation Program(me) Manager, or Chief Innovation Officer. You might be any other role(s) and wanting to support, enable, or encourage other people to innovate.


Let's discuss this topic during #innochat on Twitter on Thursday 31st August for an hour starting at 12noon Eastern Time, based on the following questions about the skills, knowledge, and understanding that are needed for innovation in organizations.


  1. What personal traits do people need innovate: imagination, creativity, objectivity, courage, confidence?
  2. What skills and knowledge do people need both in their subject area and in other areas?
  3. What inter-personal and communication skills are needed to contribute to innovation?
  4. On innovation projects, what understanding and experience of roles (your and other people's) is beneficial?
  5. What project management skills are needed that are specific to innovation projects?
  6. What knowledge is needed of an organization's subject area and market (customers, products and competitors)?
  7. What knowledge do people of their organization's strategy as regards innovation?
  8. What knowledge do people need of the processes and structures for innovation in their organization?
  9. What understanding do you need to the categories of adopter to which your organisation and customer belong?
  10. What do you need to understand about the processes of adoption and diffusion to innovate in an organization?
  11. What knowledge of the challenges and opportunities in the world is needed for innovation?
  12. What other skills, knowledge, and understanding are needed to contribute to innovation?


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