What does your organization need for innovation?

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Thu, Sep 07, 2017

Any organization which performs effectively, for any extended period of time, needs to innovate. That is, not only does it need to make continuous improvements but also, from time to time, to make improvements which are discontinuous.

This topic is about the behaviours, processes, structures, and assets that the organization needs if it is to innovate, as required to achieve effective performance. This is the flip side of last week's topic "What do you need for innovation?".

That discussion was primarily about what a person, operating within an organization, needed in order to contribute to innovation. This discussion is likely to identify much of what the organization needs to support what the people in the organisation need. But there is likely to be more than that.


Let's discuss this topic on Thursday 7th September during #innochat on Twitter for an hour starting at 12noon Eastern time.


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