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Tue, Sep 19, 2017

There's always a better way or, if there isn't, there soon will be, in any field. Innovation happens when we adopt those better ways. The topic of this chat is innovation in the field of blogging ("web logging"). Please note that this is a #DigiBlogChat event, on September 19th at 1pm Pacific time, 4pm Eastern time, 9pm UK time. Background and details follow.

Collaboration between #DigiBlogChat and #innochat

The relationship between innovation and blogging is the subject of two chat events this week, in a collaboration between:

Some people, including me, often take part in #DigiBlogChat, on Tuesdays at 1pm Pacific time (4pm Eastern time), as well as #innochat, on Thursdays at 12noon Eastern time (9am Pacific time). So, in the spirit of increased collaboration, the two chat events this week are on a pair of topics related to the field of the other chat.

We hope that more people from each chat group will take part in both events, this week ... and perhaps, also, in future weeks!


This #DigiBlogChat chat is about innovative developments in the field of blogging. The other, #innochat, chat on Thursday will be about the inverse: blogging about innovation, and is the subject of a separate framing post.


During this #DigiBlogChat on Twitter on Tuesday September 19th, starting at 1pm Pacific time (4pm Eastern time), @Carol_Stephen will be hosting and we (innocats from #innochat)  are invited as guests to discuss innovation in blogging, based on these questions, provided by Carol.

  1. Have you been blogging for awhile for yourself or your company?
  2. Do you read other blogs to learn about innovations in blogging?
  3. Which other blogs do you read?
  4. Are there blogs you’d like to read to learn more about innovations in blogging?
  5. What types of creativity hacks are you looking for so that you can succeed in blogging?
  6. Are there innovations in SEO and blogging? Which have influenced you the most?
  7. What people or brands have influenced you the most in your blogging style?
  8. Are there any new blogging plugins that you particularly enjoy? Which ones?
  9. How do innovations help focus your creative side and inspire you?
  10. What innovations in blogging would you like to share with those new to blogging?


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