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Thu, Sep 21, 2017

How are blog posts used to communicate about innovation, in general, and about specific innovations? Do you read them, do you write them, what do they communicate, how effective are they? Let's discuss this during the second #innochat this week in our collaboration with #DigiBlogChat.

Collaboration with #DigiBlogChat

Blogs ("web logs") are now widely used by individuals and organizations to communicate information about their interests and activities. When that information is about new and different processes and products, readers of posts on blogs learn about innovations which they might choose to adopt. On the other hand, blog posts are unlikely to describe the issues and factors which are important to all readers, and there are many other. more conventional, means of learning about innovations.

The relationship between innovation and blogging is the subject of two chat events this week, in a collaboration between:

The two chat events are on a pair of topics related to the field of the other chat.

The first of these chats, #DigiBlogChat, was on Tuesday September 19th at 1pm Pacific time and is described in the framing post on "Innovation in Blogging".

Innovation blogging

In the field of innovation, innovation management, organizational innovation, (or whatever you choose to call it), there are a substantial number blogs on a variety of aspects of the subject. There are so many that there are rankings of the blogs and bloggers in the field, and many of those chosen have partciapted in #innochat from time to time.

For example, Innovation Management publish annual list of top blogs. Here is the most recent: Top 20 Most Influential Innovation Blogs from 2016

Also, Innovation Excellence annually ranks bloggers. Here is their Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2016.


We look forward to welcoming #DigiBlogChat to this collaborative #innochat on Twitter at our usual time of Thursday at 12noon Eastern time (9am Pacific time), and discussing Blogging about Innovation, based on the following questions:

  1. What is your purpose in reading and writing blog posts about innovation and innovations?
  2. Which blogs or bloggers about innovation have you read and learned from?
  3. What do you read blog posts about: innovation generally, innovative organizations, specific innovations, or...?
  4. What do you write, or would you like to write, blog posts about on innovation?
  5. What use do you or your organization make of blogging about innovation(s)?
  6. What is the difference between blogging about innovation in general and about specific innovations?
  7. Which adopters are most influenced by posts about innovation: earlier or later adopters? And why?
  8. What styles of blog posts are best for communicating about innovation: information, stories, or...?
  9. What type of post on innovation is most effective: futuristic, optimistic, pragmatic, popularist, or sceptical?
  10. What do you see as the future of blogging about innovation?


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