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Thu, Oct 05, 2017

Based on their attendance at the Business Innovation Factory's annual summit, Ken Gordon, @quickmuse, and Adam Hansen, @adhansen, have chosen this subject and are hosting this week's #innochat. Their framing post follows.

When we attended #BIF2017, we met a lot of people who were (a) interested in innovation; and (b) struggling to make a living doing innovation work. What do you think about this? You'd imagine that innovation people would be highly valued by organizations (either they'd want to employ them or hire them to do freelance work). Does the fact of such professional struggling surprise you, #innochat?

Innovation is a broad field. Consider all of us here--impassioned innovation folks, yet with different skills, experiences and interests within the big field of Innovation. Can we, as innovators, help the market think about Innovation better? Can we, per Sam Walton, "make it as easy as possible for them to give you their money" by framing how we innovate in a more helpful way?


Let's discuss this topic during #innochat on Twitter on Thursday, October 5th 2017, for an hour starting at 12pm Eastern time, based on the following questions:

  1. What are the most successful ways you've won innovation work? Do you use data? Stories? A carefully defined process or framework?
  2. Are clients today looking for something different than the clients of yesterday (or yesteryear)? If so: what do they demand now?
  3. What's the biggest challenge in getting outsiders to believe in what you’re doing (or want to do)?
  4. Of the various ways people can spell out their value--in person, in writing, on the phone, on social--which one do you feel most comfortable with? Which one is your nightmare?
  5. What advice would you give to people who are trying to identify the gatekeepers in a given org?
  6. How can this group help you improve in making the case for yourself--or--what services can you offer the group?


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