What is Missing from Innovation?

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Thu, Nov 02, 2017

Where are the opportunities in innovation? This question is not about opportunities to innovate in specific fields. This is a meta question about the opportunities to innovate in the field of innovation.

"Everyone" agrees that innovation is important. Almost every organization's mission statement, product announcement, and presidential/prime ministerial speech uses the word "innovation" in at least every second paragraph. (I might or might not be exaggerating!)

Yet, based on the topic of the #innochat discussion, Living on Innovation, chosen and hosted by Ken Gordon and Adam Hansen four weeks ago, people who are focussed on innovation are not in demand or, equivalently, have difficulty in communicating the value that they provide.

Last week, we discussed what innovation is for you, across a variety of dimensions in What is Innovation for You?

Let's put the two together! What is to be done about this?

What is needed in the field of innovation? Where are the opportunities, and what are they?

Is there a discontent, an impasse, a logjam? If so, what and where is it?


Let's discuss "What is Missing from Innovation?" during #innochat on Thursday November 2nd for an hour starting at 12pm (noon) Eastern time on Twitter.


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