New ways to talk about innovation

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Thu, Nov 16, 2017

How can we improve our communication about innovation? What problems are we having? Where can we start to solve them?

Today's choice of topic was inspired by this discussion, in the #innochat Facebook group, initiated by Ken Gordon, @quickmuse, and follows recent #innochat topics about the value of innovation, what it means, what's missing, and what's next.

What problems do you think that we have with communication about innovation?
You might think that it's about jaded jargon and/or fatigued friends.
You might think that there's a need for new terms and concepts.
You might think that any difficulties with the language are a symptom of the other communication difficulties. For example, as the value of any content depends on its context, you might think that the context of our communication about innovation is the place to start.


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