Rethinking Failure in Innovation

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Thu, Jan 18, 2018

One of the topics raised frequently, in discussions of innovation and its management, is the role of failure. And it came up again when we looked ahead to 2018 in our first #innochat of the year, on January 4th.

"Failure" is a large and important topic in any field, and we seem to have a long way to go in understanding its relationship to innovation.

This came up several times during our look ahead for the year 2018. For example, in this tweet, Kathleen Kruse, @kkruse, wrote:

"... Let's make failure our friend in 2018. Or perhaps it can be our super power! ..."

We often hear that successful innovation involves failure in substantial quantities. Yet, this is only a starting point and is not necessarily agreed by, or acceptable to, everyone involved. A clearer understanding of the role of failure in innovation requires a model which describes it. And the nature of that model and the criteria by which failure is judged are likely to vary between people with different attitudes to innovatio and/or in different roles.


Let's discuss the role of failure in innovation during #innochat on Twitter on January 18th at our regular Thursday time of 12 noon Eastern time.


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