Sticking with Innovations

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Thu, Jan 25, 2018

When making any change that is a one-way, step change (rather than an adjustment which can be made smoothly in either direction), there is one aspect which stands out as being the most important. These step changes can be expensive and reversing them can be even more expensive and, sometimes, impossible. Therefore, the most important aspect is the commitment to making it work.

This involves a variety of aspects including: understanding in detail what the advantages are and obtaining them; and understanding in detail what the disadvantages are and avoiding them. Getting the timing right also maximises the chance of success; getting the timing wrong leads either to substantially reduced success or, possibly, to failure.

During our preview of innovation in the year, 2018, ahead, Doug Garnett, @AtomicAdMan, wrote:

"Many companies don't "stick with" innovations. It's hard work building them into a market power. Sometimes I think #innovation success takes a hunger - often driven by working without a net to fall back into. Big companies, lacking hunger, too often give up too easily. #innochat"


Let's discuss the issues related to sticking with innovations during #innochat on Twitter on January 25th 2018, at our regular Thursday time of 12noon Eastern time.



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