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Making Waves: Learning to Innovate in the Flow of Insight

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Chat Date: 
Thu, Apr 17, 2014

This week's chat has the special guest @SourcePOV (Chris Jones). Chris wrote a great book called The DNA of Collaboration: Unlocking the Potential of 21st Century Teams and our chat will focus on one aspect from that work: flow.

Innovation at the core

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Chat Date: 
Thu, Apr 10, 2014

This week, let's discuss the importance of innovation being centred on the core of an organization. This has been prompted by an important recent shift in emphasis at a substantial enterprise: Microsoft.

How often have we seen large organisations struggling to innovate in a changing operating environment? Prominent examples have included Boeing, Kodak, Nokia, several motor manufacturers and, most recently, Microsoft.

Diffusion doctrine - early majority

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Thu, Apr 03, 2014

Why would you not want to be in the “early majority” category of adopters in every field which is important to you? Each of the categories involved in the diffusion of innovations through populations has different criteria for adoption. Of these categories, the “early majority” category seems to be based on the most rational approach and is therefore the most sensible category to be in. However, the world is more complicated than that, and there are a variety of reasons why the early majority make up only about one third of the population.

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