Innochat: What It Is and How to Participate

What is Innochat? 

Hi! Here's some Innochat background:

Innochat happens via Twitter every Thursday from noon to 1 pm Eastern time. One of the best ways to participate in #innochat is via - just log in there with your Twitter credentials and enter 'innochat' in the search box up top. If Tweetchat clogs up, works well, too.

Innochat focuses on the "what" of innovation: defining it, exploring how different definitions of innovation provide different views of it, understanding how innovation differes from creativity or invention. Innochat also focuses on "how" of innovation: different innovation processes, and different ways of creating and fostering innovation culture.

Innochat History

Innochat was started in early 2009 by Stone Payton, @StonePayton. The early group did a fair amount of experimenting regarding dates, times, and venues. For awhile the chat was moved to Yammer, even. Then Stone decided he needed to focus on his company, and he offered the lead of Innochat to anyone who wanted to take over.

Renee Hopkins (@Renee_Hopkins) took him up on it, and convinced her former colleague Gwen Ishmael (@Gwen_Ishmael) to join us in leading chats and choosing topics. The new Innochat debuted in October 2009. The core group of "innocats" (named coined by Adam Hansen, @adhansen) continued on, while others joined. A page was started, and a Ning group. A few leaders emerged, most notably Andrew Marshall (@DrewCM), who began gathering transcripts when wthashtag failed us for awhile and more recently John Lewis (@JohnWLewis) who has led the way with the design and implementation of a brand new transcript functionality.

Jason Pamental (@jpamental) stepped up with an idea for a website, and Stone graciously gave the domain back to the community. Jason talks more about the site below. It's where we publish the "framing" posts that offer background and questions for upcoming chats, but it has other cool features as well.

About the Innochat Site

This site is a product of the efforts of Renee Hopkins and Jason Pamental (me). It's built in Drupal 6 with most of the 'usual suspect' modules such as CCK, Views, WYSIWYG, etc.

Some of the interesting bits of integration are using the Twitter module and Feeds to automatically import tweets with the hashtag #innochat (and make all the twitter handle and hashtags links automatically).

The LinkedIn module to allow users to log in with their LinkedIn credentials via OAuth (another great helper module) and then display their LinkedIn profile information here on the Innochat site - giving them the benefit of more detailed information in their profile without requiring yet another place to maintain their data.

Gravatar will also pull in a profile picture if it can find one associated with their email address.

All donations go to help defray hosting, maintenance and domain name costs. Thanks!